Saturday, 26 January 2019

Battle Group Market Garden Campaign prep

In preparation for the Battlegroup Market Garden campaign hosted by the Deeside Defenders last year I christened the new wargames board with a solo game using the force of British Paras I planned to take and the German force I was supplying for my mate, who created his list.

The table

German start point

British start point

First learning point is I don't have enough British paras, so for the real event I need to borrow from a club mate. Here an US para jeep goes on a recce. I'm also already taking chits not a good sign.

The German recce get in to position and contest the objective with the British paras now in the woods

The rest of the recce force

Germans find a good view to call in artillery

The Puma backs off the woods after a few lucky escapes from PIAT shots

The PIAT team gets pinned from the Puma's return fire

German main force arrives and the Puma succumbs to more PIAT fire from unpinned teams

Paras with stand ins observe the open space they need to cross

British artillery which in the day will be Para 75mm arrive and open up

More Brits arrive 

Puma sneeking

Germans in the farm house get pinned, which is a blow to their artillery as these are the observers

British paras make a dash

Wonderful artillery strike with 75mm and mortars

A British win 

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  1. Looks great, congrats to the paras...and to you, beautiful report!