Monday 3 December 2018

Scooby Doo game prep

For Halloween I wanted to put on a suitably themed game. Since I still haven't painted my ghost buster figures I thought I'd roll out the Scooby gang. I needed the game to cater for 4 players, so went with my favourite time traveller, and since I wasn't putting a Christmas game the Moon Nazi's got to get an annual outing. The 4th player would control the random monsters I decided would be spewing from the fountain/gate/portal at the centre of the oasis. The oasis/portal was my hook which generated the scenario in my head and the inspiration for terrain. To make sure it looked right I laid it out the night before the game at home before packing it up and taking the game to the club meeting.

The mysterious oasis

I not had a chance to use my boat models so decided that is how 2 of the casts would arrive

The Moon Nazis trying to be incognito

The Scooby gang and the local sheriff

Random monsters