Monday 11 February 2013

2013-02-10 Hammerhead

I had a great time at Hammerhead on Sunday. I didn't think there were as many games or traders there as previous years, or may be there weren't as many people. The weather forecast had been nasty but it was toned down quite a bit the night before and on the day it was just rain. The main trader missing was Dave Thomas.

Unlike previous years I didn't find a game I fancied playing so that may have coloured my view of things. On the plus side I managed to buy most of the things that I needed and I was home in time to watch the rugby, so all in all a rather good day.

As an aside COGS produce the best show guide of all the shows that I attend.

The Dome or main hall as I'm queuing for my free Mantic figure sprue.

Another shot from a different angle.

Society of Ancients game - Battle of Bosworth. Very topical.

Warlord put on  a Bolt Action game recreating some action from Allo Allo? Nice 4Ground pre-painted buildings.

More Allo, Allo? although the show blurb  called it Assault on Normandy. This was busy most of the day. 

Blurb from the Tunnels of Terror  game put on by the Peterborough Wargames Club . They'd also  put posters  up around the venue in a newspaper style warning of the menace. I thought this was really effective.

Tunnels of Terror. Some Airfix yanks move along the aforementioned tunnels. Young and old were having fun with this and as a game it certainly stood out.

Danger lurking in the tunnels.

The lads from  KB club and their Manoeuvre  Group Future Wars Game. 

Manoeuvre  Group Future Wars Game - Some of these nice models are 3D printed.

Manoeuvre  Group Modern Game also by the KB club with there famous paper terrain which I think always looks effective. Here are some Centurions moving up. From the models on the table I assumed a WW2 continuation theme.

Manoeuvre  Group Modern Game - Germans defending the castle and  SAM site.

Manoeuvre  Group Modern Game - US plane over flies the German positions.

Memoir 44 in 3D presented by the Forest Outlaws
Zombie Plague game by the Forest Outlaws.

Witchfiner a game of 17th century intolerance presented by Dashing Dice Games.  Another great board from Dashing Dice showcasing this game. I've never played in but there was lots to see on the board and I love this. The nicely period costumed host was very helpful in pointing out so of the unusual stuff.

Witchfiner - witches flying under the castle walls. Great miniatures from  Rapier Miniatures.

Witchfiner  - all is not well on top of the turret.

Witchfiner - scampering werewolves. I think these chaps are from Westwind.

Witchfiner - A nod to the film Johnny English. Apparently this is not a way in to the castle.

Witchfiner - the forces of good (I assume) assaulting the castle.

I didn't spot a blurb for this game. I think it is 10mm. The terrain is  Kallistra and the forces look like Teutonic Knights versus Ottomans. I think this is badged as  High Elves beseige an Arthurian castle in the show guide.

Onslaught at Orsha presented by COGS using Flames of War.
Onslaught at Orsha from a different angle. Plenty going on here.
Onslaught at Orsha 
Onslaught at Orsha 

Open Fire by COGS using Flames of War. 

Necromunda game on a large board put on by the Access Club.


The Exorcist game hosted by The Bunker was a visual delight. I love boards that I can look at and spot something different each time. They also had a nice display of the literature and films that had inspired the game.

The Exorcist - grand looking fellow.

The Exorcist

The Exorcist - can you spot Scully  and Mike from Monsters Inc fame?

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The Exorcist

The Exorcist - can you spot the Gruffalo?

Battle Group Kursk game  depicting action at Kursk, nicely put on by the Leicester Phat Cats. 

Battle Group Kursk game

1st Strike on the Reich, a Check Your 6 game presented by the Gratham Wargames Club.

Dystopian Wars presented by COGS. This had a very War of the Worlds feel to it.

Eaters of the Dead presented by Black Pyramid Gaming.

Eaters of the Dead - Eaters looking very much like the baddies from  the film with Antonio Banderas as an Arab fighting alongside Vikings.

Eaters of the Dead presented by Black Pyramid Gaming.

Eaters of the Dead presented by Black Pyramid Gaming.

Glenbrook Games stand. Beautifully painted miniatures. These are Victrix (I think) Napoleonic Brits.  I took this photo as I am thinking of using this base size for by Crimean War figures. 

Glenbrook Games

Glenbrrok Games - nice Dystopian Wars figures up top. Nice Normans as well.

54mm Napoleonic skirmish  called Drums and Shakos presented by Glenbrook Games. Figures are Victrix I think.

X Wing game  - Awesome.  I didn't spot who put this on as a game which is a shame because it looked stunning. NEWS UPDATE: This was put on by the Leeds Night Owls Club.

X Wing - the Star Destroyer is just made out of layers of cardboard for the main body and then the superstructure placed on top. So simple but effective.

X Wing

X Wing - I didn't spot the Falcon on the first pass but definitely saw  it on the second  Just waiting till March for Fantasy  Flight games version.

I believe this is Aliens by COGS or Open Combat by Second Thunder. One of these games wasn't present.

Joining the Flying Corps presented by COGS.
Battle of Hopworth a Very British Civil War game from the chaps of the Gentleman's Wargame Parlour.

Battle of Hopworth - Chinese troops from the Liverpool Docks

Battle of Hopworth - British Union of Fascists advancing.

Battle of Hopworth

Battle of Hopworth

Battle of Hopworth - Napoleonic Bavarians  painted up a British fascists. Great idea.  Makes them look like firemen. NEWS UPDATE from  Lord Jerwood all purple coated troops are in fact Royalist. God save the King!

Battle of Hopworth - Fascist Indian cavalry? NEWS UPDATE from  Lord Jerwood these are in fact Royalist. Huzzah!

Battle of Hopworth - I love the flags, which have helped me label who's who.

Battle of Hopworth - I'm not sure who this lot were on but they were attacking the  Reds.

Battle of Hopworth - in the middle you can see some naval guns mounted on trucks. I love this  setting as it allows the imagination to run wild while at the same time encourages proper research of what might have been.
Now  that I've labelled the photos I can see that I either missed 5 games that were advertised or they didn't attend or were not put on for some reason. The X Wing game wasn't advertised so that was an added bonus. I'll be back next year.


  1. Hi,
    The X-Wing game was put on by The Leeds Nightowls ( We were there with the GCN which may explain the lack of advertising.

    Great show report and great pics.


    1. Was the Star Destroyer from a template? I see that Boardgame Geek has linked to one my photo's referencing a set a plans that can downloaded.

  2. Hi,

    Yes the actual template is here ( However when building it I when a touch overboard. So I created a word doc showing how I did it (


  3. Australia has a strong wargames scene. We play Napoleonics, Lace wars, early world war two and some naval games.Lately we established a sub club at the pub