Saturday 18 April 2015

The Conway Wargames Club website is now live!

Well I finally finished it and sent it round the chief organisers of the club for approval and they liked it!

I settled on Wix as the website builder. I found it easy to use and most importantly it's free with the option to upgrade and pay if necessary.

My brief was to produce something that advertised the club on the web, telling people what we do and where we do it. The next important thing was to advertise what the next months game was to be.

One of the clubs' challenges is that apart from when we are face to face we don't all communicate in the same way and we probably can be grouped by our preferences e.g. some of us are great Facebook users, while others don't have accounts, others are email, and others prefer texts. If just one of these methods is used you would not reach all members, except perhaps for mobile phone texts.

The website is therefore a further addition is our styles of communication, as well as just advertising our presence.

We have a Facebook group to cope with social chatting so I didn't include this type of functionality.

Future developments may be a members page where games each of us want to put on can be scheduled for all to see to gather support and avoid duplication.

I confess that I had a look at other club sites for inspiration and borrowing of ideas and wording. The sites I found the most useful and used the art of 'cut and paste' were:
The Deeside Defenders
South London Warlords

So a big thank you to them for unknowingly providing me with quick way to get the clubs website up. If I have done something wrong by doing this please let me know and I'll change the site.

So if you want to see my very first website build or want to know more about the club go to:

Conway Wargames Club