Friday 23 June 2017

Conwy Wargames Club March 2017 Dead Man's Hand game

Dave hosted a Dead Man's Hand game using his lovely buildings ( a mix of 4Ground and other manufacturers). 3 of us played so that created the scenario of desperadoes against cowboys with the Sheriff and his posse in the middle.

I played the Sheriff, Gaz the desperadoes (using his figures) and Chris the cowboys. Dave controlled a few civilians for fun.

The town with no name

My boys in the hotel

My boys in the cantina with some of Chris's cowboys and a civilian lady

One of my posse hiding from the desperadoes

Defending the jail

The Pastor is not amused

The desperadoes sweep into town guided by a tape measure

The bullets fly around the cantina

Cantina defenders

Desperadoes sneaking around trying to avoid getting shot... again

Wounds mount up, and shotguns go empty

The jail is stormed  as is the store next door

Heroic members of the posse who took one too many hits

Cowboys who bought  the farm

Desperadoes who didn't live to fight another day

Final positions

Final positions
The joys of writing up after action reports after some time goes by is that your memory can be fuzzy. We created the game on the fly and Dave was helping umpire on another game so I stepped up as I'd played these rules before. The result is a remember the excitement of the head cowboy being shot and the lead desperado as if I was the player which I wasn't. I know I defended the cantina but I also know Chris had guys inside and outside. I also can't honestly remember who was defending the jail apart from their was lots of shooting through windows and doors and corners with 'you can't hit me from there' shouts - of course they could hit them and did so! So I decided I normally play the law, I know Gaz was a desperado as he does love playing the baddies, which meant Chris must have been the cowboys. Either way great game with lots of laughter as a favourite figures were hit or missed.

So who won. Well the cowboys took the most casualties but the desperadoes were in no fit shape. The Sheriff who's posse started off inside the building unlike the other gangs so took the least hits. The rules say whoever has the most hit markers loses which was Gaz's desperadoes since they were the attackers and everyone else shot at them!