Monday 23 June 2014

WW2 20mm Axis collection

As I'm busy packing everything away for the great move I thought it would be prudent to photograph the my 20mm Axis forces as I don't know when I'll next get access to them easily. I need to know exactly what I have so I can make sure I have a 'what you see is what you get' force for the Battlegroup game at Stafford games in October. Normally I don't worry so much and PxIII's and IV's are whatever variant I want to play.

I'm also loaning my partner in crime some top up forces so this lovely photographic record can now provide him a visual feast. It will also allow me to spot what I don't have. You'll see I have lots of infantry but I tend to have to mix troop types and theatres to get the right figures e.g. my pioneers are mainly Afrika Korps but flame throwers are western front paras.

I haven't photographed the unpainted masses which are mainly 1/72 plastics from my youth and odd and sods I picked up as they were a 'bargain'. These may have to be mined to make up any numbers or specialist troops to be painted in the correct colours.

To be a completest this plastic pile contains the beginning of a Japanese force whose tanks currently grace my Korean War Chinese force.

I have 2 Wespes unmade, an ambulance truck, radio truck, another Tiger, 3 x PzIIIs, 3x PZ IVs. 3 x 251's, 3 x 251's that can be command, mortar or pioneer vehicles all awaiting glue and paint.

Box Number 1

Stugs, PzIIIs, Pz IVs, (one of these Stugs my Dad made to wargame with is younger teenage brother who is heading for his 7th decade - its the 2nd one in from the bottom right))

 Box Number 2
Wespe,s, Hertzers, Pz38, Pz1, Pz IIs, various recon, Marder I?, Lorraine self propelled guns, artillery tows/half tracks

 Box Number 3
Tiger Is too many of them, 2 x Ferdinand/Elephant, Sturmtiger (3 of these Tiger Is my Dad made to wargame with is younger teenage brother who is heading for his 7th decade - they are the grey ones with white flecks, a paint updaet added for me in my youth)) 

A cat, not one of the Tiger series
 Box Number 4
Various AT, Art and AA guns (the guns with the grey base were purchased on a visit to Arnhem when I was 9)

Box Number 6
The Italians

Box Number 7
Panthers, AA trucks, Pumas, Jagpanthers, cars, engineering vehicle

Box Number 8
Half tracks and trucks

Box Number 9
Kingtigers and bigger, plus towed 88 and art. tows plus an armoured car (the Kingtiger 2nd from right at the bottom was the first tank I ever purchased about 30 years ago, probably Northern Militaire and it was ready painted)

Box Number 10
Inf and AT guns - there are some Slovaks and Romanians in here.

Box Number 11

Box Number 12

Box Number 13

Box Number 14
Infantry incl. Volkstrum

The Italian infantry box wasn't photographed. Oops.