Sunday 23 December 2018

Conwy Wargames Club 7TV Scooby Doo game

This month I put on a Halloween themed games for the Conwy Wargames Club using the 7TV rules. The Doctor, Scooby gang and baddy Moon Nazi’s are drawn to investigate the mysterious happenings at the deserted oasis.

The Doctor and companions prepare to investigate the mysterious energy spikes

The Scooby gang arrive with the Sheriff to investigate the mysterious oasis lights

Modern advertising gets everywhere

An undercover team sent by the Moon Fuhrer to see if they can learn the science and purpose behind the suspected portal

The oasis all quiet

The black markers are objectives that will reveal bits of  the mystery when collected

All ready to go

Fred uses a special skill and sprints off

Otto the dog over excitedly charges off and stumbles over

The oasis glows and with a whoosh of water 20 ft high a creature is spewed out landing confused near the Doctors companions

All teams move in on objectives and in a flurry of countdown cards co stars and misplaced. The fountain glows again and spews an ethereal spirit being in to play hovering disorientated. The Doctor utilises a capture ball and whips the first creature to safety

Dr Engel lands weakened by the Doctor having swapping places with a companion

Shaggy gets bit and Fred gains an objective and a greater understanding of what is going on

Leberkuchen doesn't notice that Dr Engels as changed in to a lady dressed as a WPC

Shaggy and Scooby don disguises and approach Von Krank the Moon Fuhrer's star. Meanwhile one of his team has convinced a creature he can help them and leads it back to the ship. Otto Von Krank isn't so lucky and the spirit lets rip a scream to push everyone away, but no one is scared.

They're ignoring each other

The Sheriff shoots Otto the dog and one of the Doctors companions strides towards the next objective. The Doctors team have the collected the most objectives so far .

The oasis glows again and a large monster hits the ground

Leberkuchen heads towards the temple where energy source has been detected linking to the oasis

The Doctor gets there first

The Scooby gang in a flurry of gadgets and counter cards whisk a companion and Leberkuchen out of the temple. In the final scenes the Oasis has sped up helped by a wrong button being pressed spewing more random monsters, some pretty big. However the Doctor saves the day and switches it off.

The Moon Nazis are foiled but they have captured one monster. Mwhahaha!

Conwy Wargames Club September 15mm Sassanids vs Rome

Back in October David Saltrese put on a Hail Caesar game which saw Romans vs Sassanids. Tony was robbed of a glorious charge which would have crumbled Gaz Merrifield’s left wing. Instead Gaz survived his right wing being flanked to take the victory!