Wednesday 7 August 2013

Starring General Maxipuss and the lovely Jess

Every now and again a cat appears in my pictures and I've noticed this tends to raise a few comments. Most of the time I don't add the picture with the interloper to the gallery leaving the report feline free. Regular viewers will have mainly noticed only one furry star, in fact all viewers will see him as he's on the back ground of the blog. This fluffy black and white wargaming assistant is Max. The very sharped eyed may have seen his sister the stealth feline ninja known as Jess.

Over the years as you can imagine these two have 'assisted' or made use of for their own purposes my wargaming hobby. Fortunately I do not have a picture of Jess nimbly climbing the book case shelves to where I stored my tray of flock on the top shelf. I was too busy informing her it was not the litter tray she was currently using it for. That was a very expensive day as I had to throw away the equivalent of 2 years of flock away. I will not mention what happened to my basing sand made ready for a basing marathon.

That all said I thought I'd share what I do have. Some of these have never been linked to a post and some are 'out takes' from reports. Once you see them you'll probably understand why. If you can think of funnier captions let me know. Enjoy...

Max asleep while I work out terrain and forces for a Legends of the West cowboy game.
The same again
I am trying out shot angles to see what works, and he's still asleep, although he's starting to stir. 
Stir may be too strong a word. The book shelves of Jess's shame are in the background.
Late 1945 and he's found a field he can curl up in
The Germans ready for deployment catch his eye
Max deploys the first half track
General Max
General Max 2
These Celtic skirmishers need moving in front of the warbands
Sorry didn't quite catch that?
No I'm not standing on the skirmishers
Really I'm not
So are you going to redeploy them or not
Did I mention I'm hungry
Ooooh fly

I'll wait while you move the skirmishers

Sorry I didn't hear that

Which cat is he talking too?

Look I am not sitting on the figures!

Did you know there is a dangly thing of the camera?

Jess reviewing the German positions
Jess taking note of the Soviet advance
I have found the sniper
Give me a moment and I will deal with him
Checking there is nothing hidden in the field
In space nothing can hear you scream.
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I resent that. I am not shedding white fur on your black space sheet
Guest appearance. Photo at a friends, whose cat's name I've forgotten
One eye definitely qualifies as a zombie survivor
Jess checking progress at the paint station
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Her report is that there not finished
Your painting light does not smell enough of me
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Are you aware it's dinner time
I'm hungry