Wednesday 8 May 2019

WW1 Aces High game

April's club meeting had 3 games going, one of which was Aces High played by Tony and Dave. The Deep Cut Studios mat was fantastic, as were Tony's hand built planes.

Tuesday 7 May 2019

2017-04-28 Conwy Wargames Club DBA

Ian and Pete played a couple of games, unfortunately I didn't catch the armies used as I was too busy running my 7TV game. Pete's army looked new.

Monday 6 May 2019

2017-02-12 Battle Group Soviets vs Germans

Pete hosted a WW2 20mm game to run through the Battle Group rules as the last couple of times not all the chaps got to play it. So he kindly hired our normal Conwy Wargames Club venue for the afternoon. He'd asked me to provide some Soviets and Dave some scenery and Germans and Pete sorted the rest.

It was also the first time Pete and I had tried the new version of the Battle Group rules, and we wanted to try run through the rules thoroughly to help the less experienced players.

Gaz asked for a game with lots of tanks and enthusiasm resulted in a great looking big game. Not always the best to run through new rules, but fun none the less. 

The Scenario

Pete supplied both side with a written up brief with objectives and special rules. The short version the Soviets are attacking with the aim to cross the river. The Germans need to hold them until the reinforcements can arrive.

The Game
Soviets ready to go

Barrage can't miss

Vital Soviet bridging equipment

The river defended with too few troops in the German opinion

Break while we check the rules

German reinforcements arrive

Not a lot of Soviet tanks have been knocked out

It's a long way to the river on foot

The bridging column is still intact

Soviets finally pinning the German defences

German reinforcements inch closer

Another break to check the aircraft rules

The Soviets just get to the river before home time

Last round and another break as we check the rules. Great looking game, handicapped by megalomania and a smaller set up would probably suited us better to learn the rules and get stuck.

Saturday 4 May 2019

Conwy Wargames Club May 20mm Market Garden game

Using the forces I had taken to the Battle Group Market Garden campaign weekend I hosted a game at the club.

Gaz took command of  the British Paras and Chris the Germans.

British Paras defending the village

Germans appear on the roads and the woods

Crowded garden

The paras are the building

Good line of sight

Paras ready to ambush the Germans

The Stug boldly   commands the road

The paras are too far away 

First blood to both sides


Puma firing away to pin enough paras to advance

Hiding from the Stug

75mm firing over open sights

Paras finally reach the cross road to secure it

Glory charge

More Germans arrive. The Puma is lost, but the Para glory charge failed

Unhappy Germans

The Stug gets it! but the weight of Germans is unstoppable. No clear winner with the battle ratings but tactically the British paras wouldn't be able to stop all this.
Tough games for the Brits, although started off hopeful. Having to use the 75mm over open sights robbed them of their ability to slow the main German advance.