Friday 9 June 2017

Conwy Wargames Club July X Wing game

I put on an X Wing game for this month using Rebel, Scum and Imperial factions.

My scenario I came up with was Boba Fett delivering Han Solo to Jabba on Tatooine with the Rebels staging a rescue mission ordered by Princess Leia.

The table was 3x6 with Boba on the short edge, Rebels in the middle of the long edge with the Imperial planetary patrol opposite, and Jabba's escort for his new toy opposite Boba.

The Rebels approx. 200 points
3 x X wings
1 x Y wing
2 x B wings

All armed with ion weapons to stop Slave 1

Imperials approx 80 points
3 x TIE

Jabba approx 80 points
2 x Kihraxz fighters
1 x M3A interceptor
1 x Z-95
1 x Y wing

Boba Fett in Slave 1 approx. 40 points

The Game

Jabba's escort flight for Slave 1

Table overview. The cardboard counters piled in the middle are to keep the play mat from curling and play no part on the game.

Boba Fett and Slave 1 bottom right of the play mat. Played by me

Rebels on left played by Ian. I forgot his 3rd X wing - oops

Imperials on right played by me

Jabba's flight top played by Pete

Ian's  X wings open fire on Slave 1 with lasers rather than ion torpedoes as they've yet to get a target lock. The B wings and Y wing take down  a TIE

Jabba's flight heads towards the action

The Imperial planetary patrol mix it up with the B wings

Slave 1 returns fire on Ian's X wings and takes one out

The Imperials target 1 B wing which soaks up the damage

Slave 1 recovers from being immobilised by ion cannon and torpedos and slips past the Rebels with a B wing succumbing to repeated hits.  Jabba's forces come to the rescue and lose the Interceptor before it can fire a shot. 

Jabba's Z-95 is the next to go

The Imperials are left trying to catch up with the action

The Rebels give chase to Slave 1

Slave 1 gets further ahead and the Rebels lose an X wing to Jabba's forces.

In a last desperate attempt to stop Han falling in to Jabba's hands the Rebels destroy Slave 1 knowing Han will survive in space encased in carbonite.
If only the Rebels had that 3rd X wing! The remaining Y wing and B wing badly damaged get ready for hyperspace to fight another day.

X wing always provides a fun game and this one was no exception. It's the first time the club chaps have had a chance multiple ships rather than having 1 ship a piece and there was good use of target lock which is often forgotten.