Friday 15 November 2013

Warfare in Reading tomorrow

I'm rendezvousing with the chaps tomorrow at a secret location from whence we'll proceed to the Warfare show at Reading. I haven't been to this show since I was in my teens so it will be interesting to contrast the experience. The main purpose of the trek is to catch up with the chaps and talk toy soldiers.
However not wanting to waste the opportunity I want to see if Warlord Games have their new Zulu war supplement out (well it is before Christmas) and I'd like to see Gringo40s 28mm Mexican Adventure figures, plus a look see at RH Models to see if they have any of their Korean war figures. I'll also be aiming for Grubby Tanks to pick up some models to fill the gaps in my WW2 German late war collection. I may do the same with Plastic Soldier Company but this time for the Brits, but I already have a load of their kits to make. Crooked Dice will be a must for at least the last of the Liberator, then Scorpio crew. I'm also sorely tempted by having a crew of private school girls to show those zombies what for!
Now for some inventive accounting to generate a budget.

Warlord Games Black Powder Zulu supplement

I'm very excited. While perusing the new Wargames Illustrated magazine I spotted a Warlord Games advert that included a new Black Powder supplement for the Zulu wars called 'The Washing of Spears' which I take it is a pun on Donald Morris' excellent book 'Washing of the Spears'. The adverts didn't have a release date that I could see, but the forum says it will be out for Christmas. I shall forewarn Santa of the £20 that will be required.

I'll need to speed up with the Crimean War metal mountain to move on to my Zulu War plastic/metal/mdf/resin mountain!

Anyone else notice that the Warlord Games website had gone 'funny'. I preferred the old layout, hopefully it's temporary.