Thursday 31 March 2016

March Conwy Wargames Club X Wing game

I had 3 Imperial players and 2 Rebel players for my X Wing game.

The Scenario
Han in the Millennium Falcon escorted by Wedge Antilles and Porkins has used a smugglers route to sneak in to an Imperial interdicted star system. All he has to do now is sprint for the planet Colwyn and deliver the vital supplies to the Rebels there.

The Forces
119 points per side.

The Rebels
Millennium Falcon with Han , and an upgrade for each option which included percussion missiles and an option to take hits instead of the escorts so long as they were in range 1 - 56pts
Wedge Antilles with an R unit and missiles - 33pts
Porkins with an R unit and missiles - 30pts

The Imperials
Soontir Fel  - TIE Interceptor - 27pts
Carrox Jax - TIE Interceptor - 29pts (includes 3pt upgrade card)
Fel Wraths - TIE Interceptor - 26 pts (includes 3pt upgrade card)
Dark Curse - TIE - 16pts
Winged Dundark - TIE - 15pts
Night Beast - TIE - 15pts

The Game

Dave took command of the Falcon, and Alex the X Wing escorts. Jim commanded the Night Beast TIE and Jarrox Jax TIE Interceptor, Gaz Soontir Fel and a Fel Wrath in 2 x TIE Interceptors and Ian 2 x TIEs.
The initial set up. The playing area is approx. 6x4ft 

Everybody sets off at top speed towards each other

New boy Jim has one of the best Imperial ships Carrox Jax (in red) blown up by Alex in the opening salvo! So much fr beginners luck. This was the only point in the game when target lock was used and missiles launched.

The Rebels split up 1 X wing goes right and the Falcon and 1 X wing go left. 3 Imperials follow the Falcon and 2 focus on the lone X wing

A quick round as only the Falcon can shoot

In the back ground Gaz's puzzling maneuver with his Interceptor becomes clear as he positions himself to take on the X Wing in the foreground.

Ian's TIEs go one on one with the Falcon and Porkins in his X wing

Alex's X Wing shrugs off all the Imperial fire. Wedges upgrade cards kept him in the game.

Han turns to help Wedge and Porkins who up to now had successfully drawn all the Imperial fire. Dave discovers 1 x evade dice means that very quickly hits from multiple TIE's can deplete his shields rapidly and begin hurting the Falcon's hull. Gaz looses a Fel Wrath to the Falcon. 

Han changes his mind about helping the X Wings and breaks through ready to clear the board and reach the planet. Gaz attacks with Soontir Fel and hurts the Falcon but is destroyed in turn. Jim's last TIE Night Beast can't get in range. Hurrah for the Rebellion! 
As always X wing is a fun again and everyone enjoyed themselves.