Tuesday 1 August 2017

Llandudno Museum

While enjoying the summer holiday we popped into the Llandudno museum. It's a small affair with lots packed in , taking you through the story of the town and the local history society. The layout was a little muddled in my opinion but I know they are currently looking in to redesigning it all.

As a wargamer the following things caught my eye.

I love landscapes showing how it all used to look. This is Llandudno 13000 years ago

Llandudno 5000 years ago. Looking more familiar now.

I love this map of the area in the 13th century as I didn't realise how much the sea had risen. Most of the green in the centre of the map are now under water including a palace of a Welsh prince. I say palace think hall
Hill fort by the sea. I see a game in this

Ideas to recreate Deganwy castle

Revolting villagers beating up the landlady and agent.

Jump in time to the steamers that used to dock at the end of the pier. This gives me a Very British Civil War idea of a invaders or reinforcements landing at the end of the pier

Beach by pier

My favourite section was the WW1 and WW2 room which took you through a time line events during the wars. 7000 were billeted in Llandudno in WW1 and in WW2 government departments moved there namely the tax office, as did a coastal artillery school commanding the Menai Straits with too my surprise a radar station.

There was no layout of the artillery school, but I know the area and they were on the Great Orme. The guns were on top off a cliff, behind them another sharp slope/cliff was the observation building and above on the top was a converted golf club with the radar station. Gives me ideas for Guns of Navarone style game with either Germans (naturally to neutralise them, so U-Boats can sink either the convoys that gathered off the coast or the mulberry harbours built at the mouth of the Conwy estuary) or a Very British Civil War theme
Home Guard uniform. Llandudno was in the county of Caernarfon in WW2


A good little museum, where I learnt things I didn't know which is the point really. I'm looking forward to seeing how they remodel it as the town and area has so much history.