Thursday 31 October 2013

Battle Systems Kickstarter live 1st Nov

I am looking forward to the Battle Systems Kickstarter. I saw this terrain at Derby and spoke to the guys about their plans and it looks and sounds great. I like the fact the terrain is 2 storey and I can just click it together with out having to print it out first and assemble it. I'm lazy that way.

I can see Doctor Who, Blakes 7, 7TV, 7ombie TV and modern pulp playing on these easily. Well that's my plans for it anyway if I can russle up the readies. Swapping out the futuristic furniture I can see this being used as a shell for Victorian Scifi to Cold war games using the nice resin scenery that's available, of which I own a set of (in the 'I'll paint one day' pile).

The Battle Systems blog has more info:

Here's a pre-kickstarter look at the terrain I've seen below. I picked a picture from Battle Systems' blog as a taster. As this is a taster picture the kickstarter may differ so we'll find out what is included for sure tomorrow.