Wednesday 10 October 2012

What's in a name?

I've now finished adding my photo archive and I've set labels and search descriptions for each post. The next step is to add my notes and provide more info on the pictures and the scenarios being played in them. In a pause in all this activity I'd like to share more of why I've set up a blog.

The main reason is I've never set a blog up before, or regularly used one, and I fancied giving it a go having read many of the other wargames blogs out there. I enjoyed seeing what projects other wargamers were working on and what shows they'd been to and the games they's played. Some are really useful with scenario ideas and others have figure comparisons which are my favourite. It is so hard today to know if figures will be compatible with such variations across manufacturers. I'm not sure if my blog will be that useful in this respect as I try to buy periods from the same maufacturer. However my collection has dozens of different figures, some I know the manufacturer some I don't. Such are the joys of buying second hand and inheriting collections.

So why the title 'The Megalomaniac' . Well that's easy to explain. When I get in to a wargaming period I rarely think small, and I love big games. I also have a tendency never to class an army as finished, and I keep adding to them. Naturally there are exceptions to this. I currently am enthralled with 7TV and it's sister 7ombieTV. This is a skirmish game inspired by TV and film. So by nature a few figures per side. The Megalomaniac recognises he only needs a few figures, but with a such a rich source of inspiration he has a mercenary cast, police cast, teen investigator cast, survivors cast, welsh rugby supporter cast, sky raider cast, zombie cast etc. I can proudly boast that this mania is inherited.