Thursday 24 October 2013

War gamers nightmare

While putting away figures to get ready for Saturdays game the unthinkable happened. In slow motion 2 really useful boxes slid from their precarious perch down a hill and off the edge of the board. Both boxes hit dislodging their lids. The air was still as I stared quietly at the results. Gathering myself I crawled on the floor to the nearest box. All was OK. Phew. The next box was carnage. My collection of original womble space marines were in smithereens and my Platoon 20 Aliens were either snapped off the base, wait for it... at the LEGS or their mouth/tongues were snapped off. Aaaaargh.

I recounted this sorry tale of youth destroyed to my wife. I ended on a positive that they could be fixed. She heard 'only played with about 3 times' and pointed out that meant I had too much stuff.

Moral of this story, do not mention frequency of play regarding items you will not part with. Feeling misunderstood we sat down for a cuppa to discuss her day. Moral fibre restored!