Saturday 28 March 2015

Battle Group Lokhvitsa Campaign ticket purchased

I enjoyed the Ponyri campaign last year at Stafford Games run by the Battle Group team and Plastic Soldier company. They are running another one this year 31st Oct to 1st Nov but instead of Kursk they have gone for a Barbarossa battle - Lokhvitsa.

It didn't take a lot of thought to book my room and purchase a ticket. I booked a room really early as last year I left it late and couldn't get a place nearby. This year I have learnt.

I am meeting up with my gaming buddy I left behind in Lincolnshire as an added bonus. We both went last year as Germans. I am staying German as I have (hopefully) most of the forces I need. My friend has jumped ship and is going Soviet, borrowing from another friend. His collection being 15mm and the campaign uses 20mm.

Considering the rush last year to get ready I'd better start working on the 450 point lists. I can take 1 or 2 forces, 1 for each day. Now do I go balanced or fun...

Conwy Wargames Club meet tomorrow

Club meeting tomorrow at the Anglers at Rhos. This month it's a 28mm Dark Ages game using Dux Bellorum. I'm looking forward to it. The chap putting on the game has really lovely troops. As an added bonus I also have the rules to read, purchased at a reasonable price for the Kindle.