Tuesday 2 August 2016

15mm Napoleonic Swedes vs Russians

Mel put on 15mm Napoleonic game using the General De Brigade rules for July's Conwy Wargames Club meeting.

The setting was Russia's invasion of Finland in 1808. Finland back then was part of the Kingdom of Sweden and the game saw the Swedish army attempting to fend off a similar sized Russian army. Historically the Swedes were outnumbered and eventually lost the war.

To my disappointment Mel had not brought his 15mm menagerie of local fauna.

The game was fought over a roughly 4ft by 3ft board representing  a narrow bit of dry land with lakes and marshes to the left and right not shown. I believe the Swedes represented the rear guard buying time for the main army to retreat.

Gaz and Tony commanded the Russians and Ian the Swedes. Mel umpired.

The Game
Swedish Jager

Swedish main battle line

Russian army arriving

Still arriving

Swedish left flank

Russians advance

Swedish cavalry rush to the exposed left flank

Swedish right flank about to receive the Russian attack

The Swedish cavalry are pushed back and the infantry refuse the flank

Russian running away from the Swedish right

Overview of the Russian left

Overview of the Swedish right

Russian left gearing up to assault and dealing with a Swedish spoiler attack

Swedish left organises itself to counter attack

A firefight sees the Swedish battle line not so happy. The spoiler attack on the Russian right turns in to a protracted melee

Swedish victory on the right. The spoiler attack is turning in to something bigger

Russians running away on the their right

Fresh Russian advance through their fleeing comrades

Russian artillery holds the extreme right and watches the advancing Swedish cavalry

The Swedish left stabilizes in to a stand off.

The Centre

The whole battle. The Russian left and right break

Running Russians

More running Russians

Swedish victory!