Monday 18 May 2015

Sheffield Triples loot

Since I didn't go with a list I wasn't sure if I what I would buy. At no point did I consider not buying anything. I did manage to curb the retail urges to games I am actually playing, plus one new game.

I didn't see much Blitzkrieg era figures and models for sale, I was looking for French and Polish. I did see lots of Barborossa period Soviets and picked up 3 x BT7s, and Kursk period 2 x Matilda's, 1 x Grant, 1 x SU100, 1 x SU152 all in 20mm ready painted for £5 each. They were decast models and I felt I'd got a bargain.

Just before going home while my compadre tried to make up his mind about a jetty to use in this summers big game - which is a WW2 Pacific island assault game in 20mm, I wandered off and picked a T-35 kit from Plastic Soldier Company.

The big splurge was taking the plunge and buying Star Wars Armada. A lot of traders had the wave 1 releases on show which looked nice, but pricey in my opinion. Equally a lot of traders were selling Armada. The very last stand I got too was selling it for £50, well I'd never seen it so cheap and the little voices in my head were unanimous 'get it, get it', 'if you walk away you won't get it this cheap again'. £50 later, I now own it and it looks very nice. Definitely different from X Wing. For starters there are a lot more rules.

At the same stall I picked up a Decimator for X Wing. I originally wasn't bothered about this model until I read a review that mentioned it was Mara Jades ship, the future wife of Luke Skywalker. I then remembered readying about it in the novels, and with that connection I had to have it.

Spent up, with change to return home and say 'look I didn't all my money' I smugly headed for the rendezvous to get my lift home.

Bonus time was Mel giving me his copy of Saga so I didn't need to pick one up. I like to have the rules being played in the club and my first run through left me with the need to read through them. Mel decided the rules weren't his cup of tea, and I only want them for club games rather starting my own collection and games.

As I write this a couple of days later I still have that smug glow of having got a bargain.