Friday 27 September 2013

Derby this weekend

I've just got back from my holidays and having reviewed my tiredness and lack of prep e.g. checking out what I need, I'll go to the show Sunday. I haven't been to Derby on a Sunday for years so hopefully once I decide what I want the traders will still have stock. Checking the show brochure it looks like I'll miss 3 or so games by going Sunday including the Twofatlardies running a participation of their new WW2 rules, which is a shame. On the up side I be ready to surgically spend my dosh on 'required' items minimising shiny shiny syndrome impulse buys. In addition there may be better deals about as traders try to save having to load stock back on the vans. If I'm very lucky maybe I'll get to spend the newly exchanged euros we brought back, without dipping into the Wargames budget! I shall begin the charm offensive tomorrow on 'she who must be obeyed'.