Friday 6 March 2020

Conwy Wargames Club Jan 2017 Star Wars Armada

For January's club meeting I hosted a Star Wars Armada game. I had 4 players, 2 a side.

Dickie and Pete were the Imperials and Chris and Gaz the Rebels.

The forces were:

Rebels - 300 pts
Frigate - Admonition with the overall commander General Cracken
Corvette-A Tantive IV cpatained by Raymus Antilles
Corvette-A captained by Toryn Farr
2x  A-wing squadrons
1x YT2400

Imperials - 300 pts
Imperial Class 1 Star Destroyer - Relentless with overall commander Admiral Screed, and tractor beams
Victory Class Star Destroyer captained by Admiral Titus
Gozanti class cruisers with the vector capability
5 x TIE fighter squadrons
2 x TIE Interceptors

The Game

Promising Rebel start, but Imperial victory!

Anglo Zulu War Toy Soldiers

I've continued going through my collection and my inherited collection of toy soldiers and blowing the dust of the boxes to finally display them.

I was surprised that I had enough Anglo Zulu War to fill a whole cabinet. This one, and the Crimean War collection flank my wargames board.

The figures are a mixture of W Britains, and other makes.