Saturday 31 August 2013

Sorting out the 'want it, need it' list

I'm off to Partizan tomorrow so I thought I'd better get prepared in my new regime of trying to purchase what I need rather than the normal magpie approach. I confess I have not been 100% successful this year, but it is amazing how you can reshuffle your list to make the impulse buy a 'need'. I find this very satisfying, although all I'm doing is shoving stuff in to next year’s budget.
Many moons ago when I was newly married I'd negotiated a wargames space and began to buy terrain. As part of the quest I purchased a load of Woodland Scenic trees, which I discovered were tricky to stand on flock terrain. Stop gap experiments with blue tack worked for a while, and plain old balancing a group of trees together was equally successful. I then had the idea to use spare MDF to create bases that could fit together to make larger or smaller woods. Production began on this in 2007 and because I wanted chamfered edges it took ages, plus the mess. Before this project was finished I inherited a shed load of terrain (literally) and my lack of terrain issue disappeared. Gaming has proceeded merrily since, but I did feel guilty about not using my lovely trees. 
So what has sparked this post about past leafy things left getting dusty in draws? Well I have found that 4Ground have come to the rescue creating woodland bases that fit together to make large or small woods plus you get the added advantage of each tree having its own base that fits in to the larger wood base so the trees singularly if you want. So a happy 30 minutes later I can share that I need bases for 27 large trees and 33 small/medium trees.
Other 'needs' are Copplestone Evil Genius's and 2 x Crooked Dice Man from 2000. The robot Fuhrer is a must for my Moon Nazis and the Man from 2000 for Dr Who (with a saurian head) and one for a Blakes 7 scientist.  I also 'need' a WW2 German radio car I hope to get from Rapid Fire.
Things to be resisted are 4Ground Victorian buildings and Fenris's derrick. Of course these may get changed in to 'needs', we'll have to see.