Monday 29 October 2012

Hail Caesar Battle of Hastings 1066

We currently have family visiting and my eldest nephew asked to play a battle of Hastings game. In record time we put away the Napoleonic game and set up appropriate terrain and laid out the armies. I put together the troops based on an infantry unit roughly being 800 - 1000 strong as standard, getting my figures from the Osprey Campaign series book. I checked quickly with the Hail Caesar army list 2 to ensure I had it balanced, which it roughly was. We managed to play several moves before dinner stopped play just like a TV episode leaving things on a knife edge. My nephews played Duke William and King Harold. Harold had chased after the Breton cavalry just like history, except he looks like he'll win. William has turned the Anglo Saxon left flank, routing the hinge unit for the refused flank, the way is now open for the knights to charge.

Play to resume today. After action report with pictures much later!