Saturday 25 January 2014

1992 1st 25mm Peninsular Napoleonic game

Here are some photos of my very first Napoleonic Peninsular game back in 1992 in the Methodist Church hall. We called ourselves a modelling club rather than a wargame club just in case it upset any sensibilities.

The game was played with  house rules written by a club mate and owner of the British.

Village top left was made by my Dad, but you couldn't put anything inside the buildings. The French we'd purchased second by hand meeting up with our contact who sold them on a friends behalf at a Little Chef. So there we were one summers night as the light was fading 2 cars with their boots open swapping money and moving boxes. When we turned around we noticed we were being watched by a couple of curious coppers in a Police car. We must have looked quite suspicious.

The yellow tape is a river and the red tape fords.

The British were owned by a club mate at this time before my Dad bought them off him when he moved out of the area.