Saturday 24 January 2015

Conwy Wargames Club tomorrow

 First club meeting of 2015 tomorrow. 2 games are planned a good old dark age clash using Dux Bellorum and an X Wing dust up.

I'll be running the X Wing game, my first for the club. Apparently I'll have 4 players possibly more. I believe no one has played X Wing before so I'll keep it simple plus this could be the largest X Wing game I've done. I've decided to use 2 rookie X Wings and a prototype A wing facing 3 rookie Ties and the lowest skilled Tie Advanced. If I have just 4 players I'll play the A Wing. The scenario will take place sometime between the battle of Hoth and the battle of Endor. The X Wings mission is to protectthe A wing prototype, ideally destroying all witnesses to it's performance. The Imperials need to knock it out so it can be retrieved and studied.