Friday 20 December 2013

Modern naval ships in Oslo

Klaipeda Museum

I found these in the little museum of the town in Klaipeda. I didn't know the French occupied it after WW1 and fought Lithuanian nationalists.

German WW2 37mm AT gun?

Relics from WW2

Lithuanian resistance to Soviet occupation 1947

Resistance to the Soviets

Pre WW1 poster

Either WW1 action or a German Freikorps ousted by the French

WW1 German cavalry attack advancing Russians

French occupation troops, Russian Civil War

Lithuanian nationalist of the Klaipedan Revolt 1923 against French occupation.

French sailors and chasseurs? 1923.

Lithuanian Navy 1923 to present

Things you find in ports. This was in KlaipÄ—da a city in Lithuania. Once upon a time it was part of Germany and called Memel.

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Akerhus Fortress, Olso