Friday, 20 December 2013

Norway's Resistance Museum, Oslo

This was a great museum. Lots of dioramas where you can play spot the toy soldier make and plenty of really interesting information. I didn't know the Soviet Union raided Artic Norway for instance. The Shetland bus, commando and resistance raids a plenty plus MTB attacks on shipping all jumped out as potential for skirmish games.

I apologise in advance for some of the quality of the photos, I was a) enjoying myself too much to notice my errors and b) being chivvied along by family for taking too long d) swapped cameras as mine had run out of battery towards the end of the tour.

Look out for is Antony Beevor being interviewed about latest book .


KMS Blucher sinking


Norways bullion secretly taken to Britain. There is a game in there somewhere!

Norwegian and Allied Orbat for Narvik



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