Sunday 27 January 2013

2013-01-08 7TV Ep. 2 Moon Nazi's Steal Christmas

Episode 2 'Gonna find out who's naughty and nice'
Fanatical Nazi Otto Von Krank and the lovely, delectable but quite mad Dr Brunhilde have failed to find the location of Santa’s fortress.  Unable to make radio contact with their ship part of the expedition have returned to the Valkyrie under the ice with the spoils. The rest with Otto continue their investigation and begin to search for the one person who can give them what they want.
Meanwhile the Brigadier’s daughter Dr Kate Stewart has re-joined her team with other stragglers after their defeat at the crash site.  Discarding their heavy weapons for greater mobility the team returns to reclaim the mountain and look for the one person they haven’t found….

Cast      300 points of Moon Nazis, U.N.I.T and North Pole Rescue Rangers

The episode takes place on a 6’ by 6’ table in snow bound Alaska. In one quarter is a hill with a crash site, another a wooded long ridge, then a tall wooded hill and the final quarter woods in a river valley. 
There is deep snow up the slope of the crash site which reduces movement by half. The crash site summit must be climbed.

Set Up  
Moon Nazis 12” around crash site.
U.N.I.T 24” from crash site.
North Pole Rescue Rangers on tall hill concealed in woods. Pilot set up between 12” and 24” of crash site.

And …Action  Initiative is determined as normal in all turns

Special Rules
On Location rules for snow.
Agility test required while clambering on Sleigh.
Intelligence test required to find hi tech items in sleigh
Sleigh Pilot 1138 also known as Dobby has infiltrated the U.N.I.T for safety. He is immobile with injuries and fear. He will snap out of it after a stern talking too by a North Pole Rescue Ranger and can be activated from that point on.

End Credits
The episode will end if all the opposing models are Stunned, Dominated or are otherwise removed from play. The attacker can exit his models via any table edges in his set-up area.

Victory Points
Victory Condition Description VP award
Enemy Star/Co-Star Model Eliminated                                                             + 1 VP per Hit
For each enemy Star or Co-Star eliminated, gain VPs equal to
 that model's initial Hits

Table Quarter Controlled                                                                                  + 1 VP
You have at least 1 model on that quarter, and the enemy
has none

Enemy Stars/Co-Stars with Statuses at end of game                                        +1 VP
For Each enemy Star or Co-Star with any Statuses at the
end of the game

Enemy Shaken                                                                                                 + 2 VPs
Opponent's force reduced to 50% models or less

Enemy Wiped Out                                                                                            + 2 VPs
Opponent's force reduced to 25% models or less

Scenario Objective Achieved                                                                           
Pilot captures/rescued                                                                                       + 4 VP

Gadget points
Moon Nazis – 6 x D6
U.N.I.T. – 5 x D6
North Pole Rescue Rangers – 2 x D6

Event Cards
4 per team


The set up. Otto Von Krank and the Moon Nazis at the site and camp top right. U.N.I.T  in  trees middle right. Small dot in middle is our also starring Dobby before he was moved amongst the U.N.I.T troops to hide. Middle left are Santa's own North Pole Rescue Rangers.

North Pole Rescue Rangers hidden in the woods. Miss Naughty Nice is in the middle.

Moon Nazi's home from home

U.N.I.T. sneaking up on the Nazi's
Moon Nazi's trudging towards the lake with their spoils.

The Valkyrie under the lake melts an entrance for the returning expedition  

Main playing area

The Moon Nazi's play Von Kranks Star Quality power 'Friends in high places' where each extra of the opposing forces throws a d6 and on a result of a 5+ are removed from play to return on 4+ at the end of each turn. 3 U.N.I.T troopers succumb and 1 North Pole Rescue Ranger.

Turn 1

The calm before the storm

U.N.I.T. go first and move through the woods towards the crash site. No one is in site to shoot. The North Pole Rescue Rangers win 2nd place in the initiative and  Miss Naughty and Nice skis out of the woods accelerates down the slope and jumps off the ridge landing elegantly coming to a stop paces from Sleigh Pilot 1138. The rest of the Rangers led by Sergeant Hanno plod  as fast as they can down the slope in  their snow shoes to catch up.  The Moon Nazi's go last and Wolfgang leaps down the slope heading for an empty quarter and to the flank of Santa's forces. Their HMG opens up rangers on the slope but misses kicking up snow in line past the left hand ranger on the slope. 

Some Rangers stay on the hill top to cover the flank.

Ranger Sergeant Hanno holds his rifle across his chest as his men move forward.

Miss Naughty and Nice skis to a stop and shrugs off  the U.N.I.T troopers  fire. His bullets pinking off her breast plate. Santa's forces have benefited from Von Krank's star quality as the U.N.I.T troopers that would have faced them have become lost in the wilderness instead.

View of the North Pole Rescue Rangers from the ridge opposite the crash site.

Wolfgang bounding down the slope
Turn 2
At the end of turn 1  U.N.I.T successfully recover 3 troopers scattered by Von Krank's star quality. Dr Kate Stewart leads her civilian team forward against the Moon Nazi's, accompanied by Sergeant Rodriguez, Captain John Smith III and trooper Ronson. The trooper facing Miss Naughty and Nice tries to  protect his colleague who unbeknownst to him is in fact an elf who'd been hiding within his team. Once again Miss Naught and Nice shrugs off his rifle shots.
Dr Kate Stewart, Captain John Smith III and Kate's sidekick Agent Smoulder take cover behind  a tree. 

Malcolm Talyor the intrepid investigative academic is moving in the open on the right. The scientist Harvey Dent Jnr and Ronson stand together middle bottom with the tech Lee Dixon to their left. 

U.N.I.T in cover and the North Pole Rescue Rangers coming down the hill. The crash site on Moon Nazis are off camera on the right.

Lee, Harvey and Ronson peer through the trees looking for Moon Nazi targets. If Ronson put down his trusty (trust to get him killed) flamethrower he could use his rifle to have a shot at the HMG?

The Moon Nazi HMG team keep firing at the exposed Rescue Rangers on the slope, the U.N.I.T troops  all concealed in the trees. The inhinged Nazi toff Marine-SS Obertsfuhrer Otto Von Krank and his nasty piece of work Marine-SS Untersturmfuhrer Klaus Klinkerhofen move along opposites sides of the crash site to better firing positions to cover the rangers and U.N.I.T. Dr Brunhilde continues to investigate the inside of the sleigh looking for any useful technology. Her luck is in and passes her intelligence roll and finds   a matter reducer.

On a successful roll the lost North Rescue Ranger can return to the  team on the hill , not as the picture suggests  outside the play area at the edge of the board.

Wolfgang continues his rush to capture a table quarter and single handily threatened the  North Pole Rescue Rangers flank.
Turn 3
Santa's force plays their event card that wins them the  initiative.  Miss Naughty and Nice realizing that her pistol is her best weapon shoulders her 'just for show' pole axe and with a single shot ends a U.N.I.T's troopers game. The Rangers keep moving forward moving to the right to avoid the Moon Nazi's HMG's attention.

The North Pole Rescue Rangers give covering fire to Miss Naughty and Nice  targeting the next U.N.I.T group the tech Lee Dixon and Trooper Ronson. Both doge the bullets. Dr Kate leads her 3 colleagues from behind the shelter of the woods and advances up the snowy slope. The rest of the U.N.I.T consolidate their positions.

Meanwhile the Moon Nazis keep up their firing hitting nothing. Wolfgang bounds up the opposite slope  just failing to reach cover.
 Turn 4

The North Pole Rescue Rangers win the initiative again, and Miss Naughty and Nice has a nice word with Dobby to motivate him to ignore his wounds which turn out to be dirt and get a move on to Sergeant Hanno and the safety of the Rangers.

Poor dice results in little movement and ineffective firing from all. The main excitement being a temporal grenade being thrown by Von Krank. Great things were expected. If only some figures had been withing the template. Oh well, maybe next time... but alas not this game as it was a one off weapon. The other shocker is Dr Kate's tactic to use her advantage of her camouflage suit making her near invisible is nullified by Von Krank whipping out his infrared glasses. Boooo!

North Pole Rescue Rangers moving a little and hitting nothing.

The scattered U.N.I.T paratroopers finally get closer to the action.
Turn 5
Lots of Nazi firing knock U.N.I.Ts Dr Kate and her sidekick  Agent Smoulder down forcing them to stand up before carrying out another action. I confess a whoopsy here. Our Moon Nazi player is convinced that on a hit which is then saved the hit figure is knocked prone. Dramatic but wrong and in these last moments I didn't spot this error. We had used this erroneous rule a lot in the previous game so I should have known better, however all everyone remembers is that we used it not that it was wrong. Anyway back to the story our U.NI.T hero's are knocked in to the snow as they valiantly try to get to grips with the villainous Nazi's from the Moon.
Wolfgang happily menaces the North Pole Rescue Rangers from a far. This failed Nazi experiment is one of the most powerful figures in play.

Our U.N.I.T heros dust off the snow and return fire and fail to get through Von Krank's body armour.

Miss Naught and Nice decides to be naughty and ski's for trooper Ronson and with a blast of her trusty pistol  ends his game. As per our tradition trooper Ronson and is flame thrower once again do not get to fire a shot. Lee Dixon who'd been supporting Ronson is taken out by the North Pole Resuce Rangers covering fire.

Dobby finally stirs himself and races towards Sergeant Hanno.

View of the crash site before the U.N.I.T call it a day.

Wolfgang's view from the ridge. Dobby reaching Sergeant Hanno and his men are on the  right and the crash site with  Von Krank's nasty piece of work Marine-SS Untersturmfuhrer Klaus Klinkerhofen in view on the left. Miss Naughty and Nice can just be made out in the middle in the trees.

Wolfgang winning the Moon Nazi's second place in capturing an uncontested quarter of the board.

North Pole Rescue Ranger triumphant.

Dr Kate takes one more look at the site of the find of the century before giving up  and pulling  back. Although U.N.I.T didn't get the prize or any points for that matter, they'd learnt much. They'd found a sleigh full of high tech and fought off two sets of advanced(?) humans.  As they retreated in the woods they'd see the Moon Nazi Valkyrie rise up and shoot in to the sky. Questions, questions. Where did they come from and what do they want with the Earth.....

Miss Naughty and Nice watched from the deserted Moon Nazi camp at Santa looking down in to the crater. It's smooth rock melted into shape by the sleighs force field now empty. Naturally the Moon Nazi's had left nothing of value, escaping in their cursed Valkyrie back to the Moon Fuhrer. Santa's Little Helpers puffed smoke apologetically as Rudolph ran around the edge as Santa raged. Yep someone is definitely on the naughty list now..... To be continued