Wednesday 18 February 2015

Battleground Blitzkrieg

I am really looking forward to the new addition to the Battlegroup rule sets. I have never played early WW2, late war being my first love and Battle Group Kursk introduced me to the delights of mid war games. From a collection point of view I have inherited the beginnings of a BEF force and Blitzkrieg Germans. It will be interesting to see where I need to fill out the ranks. Of course there is always the debate about do you use any British or German troops, so long has they have the right weapons or do you invest in new accurate figures. Challenges, challenges, all part of the fun of collecting of course. My main issue is I am drawn to the armies I don't have mainly the French and Poles. Which one to invest in first!

Well my pre order is on with Plastic Soldier company so I just have to wait. I do like that with this supplement they are giving away with the pre order a pdf version of the rules.