Thursday 7 September 2017

Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot) Museum - American War of Independence

This section was larger that my photos suggest. This character caught my eye.

Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot) Museum - Volunteers and Militia

I found this section very interesting. I love the names of the different volunteers raised e.g. Snowdon Rangers. My photos are not great as the area was poorly lit but I suspect this was to preserve the uniforms and the flag.

Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot) Museum - Napoleonic period

A great section on the Napoleonic period. I didn't remember that the regiment had captured an Eagle. They received it when the French surrendered at Martinique in 1809.

Something I did miss from my youth was the 1/72 diorama of the storming of Badajoz. It would be dated now but I loved it in its dark corner and lights for explosions.

Royal Welch Fusilier (23rd Foot) Museum - Crimea

One of my favourite periods, the Crimean War. One day I'll actually finish my British forces and start the whole Russian division of Foundry figures! Now they're Warlord and Great War Miniatures to tempt me - I have a few of both. The infantry fit nicely with Foundry's, the cavalry figures are fine but Foundry's horses are smaller.

The last time I visited the museum was over 18 years ago and it's changed a lot. It's larger and more modern now and more informative. What I did miss was hinged rack display of enlarged photos which you could flick through - like poster retail displays. I'm sure they had photos from the Crimean war but I could be mistaken.

Captured Russian gun. I remember being able to walk around this in the old layout.

Luckily on 25 to 28mm figures the cross belt cover most of this detail so I don't have to paint it!

This was an interesting story and picture. I could use Indian Mutiny figures to represent troops like this in the trenches.