Thursday 13 August 2015

WW2 Rapid Fire Pacific game

Pete has confirmed the game will be held on Sunday 16th August at the Penrhynside community centre. There will be a charge split between the players, which is expected to be no more than £10. The more of us attending the cheaper the cost.

The game will be using the 20mm WW2 collection of Pete, Dave and myself. The rules will be the 2nd edition Rapid Fire rules with some house amendments. 

The game will be a beach assault over a 10ft by 8ft approx. board split in to 3, with 1 board being the sea, 1 board the beach and the third board inland.

With the HBO series Pacific in mind I'm really looking forward to this.

My contribution will be a battalion of Marines which I hope I have. I have some marines for Korea which are WW2 figures but I need to check if I have enough. I do however have a battalion of US figures painted as Turks for Korea which I think will pass muster.

 I'll be taking my landing craft along as well to get the boys to the beach. Just in case the Japs need help I have 2 tanks and a truck that can help out.