Thursday 28 July 2016

Club games this Sunday

It's that time again for the monthly club game on Sunday. It's been a hectic month. We'd just voted out of the EU the last time we met, now we've a new PM and cabinet, Turkey's had a failed coup and there has been terrorist attacks here, France, Germany and Turkey (not a good month for them). That's just the European headlines that have caught my attention.

On the house front we've agreed for relations to come and stay in 3 weeks so renovations on the house have stepped up a pace to be ready in time. As I write the only completed room is a bathroom, but by the time they arrive only some details and the second floor will need finishing. Second floor finish means I can get a wargames room back!

So back to the point of the post, this months games are a 15mm Napoleonic using General De Brigade a Cold War game, possibly Vietnam using Force on Force.