Monday 25 April 2016

Conwy Wargames Club X Wing game

Dave umpired our April game and supplied the Imperials and I supplied the Scum and Villainy faction. We met at a new venue for us the Pensychnant Conservation Centre. The house was arts and crafts building which was stunning to look at, unfortunately my phone battery died so I couldn't take any photos of it. They served good tea too.

The scenario

Darth Vader is being escorted in his shuttle to a meeting to plan the downfall of the rebellion. Bossk and IG88 see an easy target to capture and make some money!

The forces 100 points

Scum and Villainy

Commanded by me

Commanded by Gaz

Commanded by Chris

Commanded by Chris

Commanded by Tony

The Game
The table was only 2ft wide so it literally was a tight game.

.... and there off. Both sides hurtle towards each other, but not yet in range

Bossk uses his secondary firing arc to target Tony's TIE and misses. Tony's Phantom is cloaked so can't fire. IG88 targets the shuttle and causes some damage, while receiving none in return.

Bossk slows catching out Tony's TIE which just scrapes in front of the Hounds Tooth

... very close

Bossk opens fire but the TIE survives

The shuttle and IG88 impede each other from firing. Chris's TIE tours the board while Tony opens fire on Bossk with everything and reduces his shields

Bossk shoots at the shuttle and causes some critical damage

IG88 pulls a segnors loop and causes more damage on the shuttle. Tony's Phantom flies past the assassin droid misjudging the direction it would take. His TIE meanwhile kept firing at Bossk and causes further shield loss. Chris's TIE still tours the board, and desperately tries to stay on it!

Bossk claims glory by blowing up the shuttle just as Tony reduces his final shields and begins to damage the hull. IG88 is unscathed and ready to take on the remaining Imperials so that it and Bossk can rob the shuttle wreckage for plunder. Unwittingly the criminal duo have aided the rebellion greatly.

Meanwhile Darth Vader spins in space towards the cloaked TIE Phantom to make his get away to fight another day. Cue music...

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Next Club game is X wing

The votes are in and X wing has it. This time the responsibility is split. I'll build a Scum and Villainy force and Dave will build either a Rebel or Imperial challenge.

Now the fun begins building up a force!

Friday 15 April 2016

Conwy Wargames Club April Game

The planned Dust warfare game has been postponed as Chris's planned reinforcements have not arrived in time from the States. We're currently sorting out a new offering. Worse case the popular and easy set up X Wing will appear for the second month running hosted by moi.

On venue news Mel has been working like a trooper and has a few options. Some permanent, some temporary. This April has a temporary venue lined up near Conwy, which I'll confirm nearer the time.

Thursday 14 April 2016

Conwy Wargames Club Russia 1941

I arranged to host a Battle Group game so that I could try out my force I was taking to the Battle Group Campaign weekend which was on the following weekend in October 2015. Dickie and Pete opted to command the Soviets and Gaz and myself took charge of the Germans. I was always going to be German as this the team I will be on for the campaign.

I forgot to take the brief with me that had been sent out for the campaign weekend which had amendments to the attack/counter attack scenario so I ran it just as it said in the rule book.

Situation Report
The Germans have broken through the main lines and lead by their reconnaissance forces are driving forward. The Soviet reserves now counter attack.

The tables formed a rough 6x4ft game area

Table layout. The distant cotton wool smoke are the Soviet objectives and the German objectives can be seen in the foreground.

Recon forces deploy anywhere on their side of the table apart from 10" from the middle. The middle being a line diagonal across the table in the book, but I made it a line long edge to long edge.

The Germans placed 2 objectives on their base line. The Soviets placed theirs on a hill and woods which were level with each other either side of the road approx. 1 ft in from their table edge.
A German base line objective

Special Rules
Dice for optional KV2, but we decided to play it anyway regardless of the score.
Turn 1 recon
Turn 2 D6 units

Germans Panzer Division kampfgruppe  
Battle Rating (BR) 36
Total points 447
Officers 4
Scouts 3

Forward HQ:
SdKfz 265 Pz Befehlswagen r (SO,AS,U)
Schutzen platoon  (O, MS) with AT grenades and 80mm mortar
3 x PzII F (O)
3 x PzIII H (O)
2 x veteran snipers
1 x SdKfz 222 (S,MS)
Special Units
1 x 88mm with transport
Additional Fire Support:
Off table fire support request 4+

All regulars except the snipers

The Soviet list was put together by my friend Guy
Battle Rating (BR) 36
Total points 450
Officers n/a
Scouts 1

Forward HQ:
Command plus jeep (MS)
2 x Reserve Motor Rifle platoon with Maxim MG
5 x T26
1 x T34
FAO in jeep
120mm mortar battery
45 L46 AT gun battery with horse tow
1 x  veteran sniper and spotter

All inexperienced except the snipers.

The Game

The Soviet objectives marked by coloured smoke
German objectives
German recce arrive and win the recce phase of the game by out numbering the Soviet recce forces
German main force arrives and speed up the board
German sniper hiding in a barn

The Soviets damage the barn hiding one of the German snipers

The Soviet recon team can be seen on the hill admiring their first and only turn 1 T34 arriving and speeding up the road. The Soviet command dice was appalling.

The German command roll is much better

88 on the right of the picture being towed to the hill

Panzer IIs advance lead by the SdKfz 265 Pz Befehlswagen on the road

The 88 dominates the German left so the T34 goes right, just by the cottage

The Soviets still rolling low for units bring on a KV2 and AT gun

A few turns later and the German infantry have arrived and made it to the main line accompanied by Panzer IIIs.

Looking great and hitting nothing

A single tank blocking the German advance

German artillery pin the Soviet AT gun marked by white smoke

The remains of the AT gun battery moving in to position. About now we discover how little ammo the KV2 has! booo

The KV2 may have limited ammo but it pins the 88 first time

The PanzerIIs are not has hidden as they thought and the T34 kills 2.

After multiple shots the German sniper is pinned

More German infantry arrive, and casualties begin to mount as seen by the red dice beside the units

The 88 is unpinned and takes as shot at the T26's on the road

In the mean time the unpinned sniper attempts to sneak towards a Soviet objective

I confess there was a stand in T26

The Soviet advance

The 88 makes a kill

The Soviet infantry finally make an appearance. The Soviet command dice hadn't got any better

The T26's get their revenge and kill the 88. Lesson learnt 88mm's are shot magnets

A very bloody turn. The Panzer III's in the centre finally knock out the T34, but one of them has been pinned. The lone Panzer II managed to pin an advancing T26

The chit drawn for the loss of the 88mm saw the Germans successfully bring a Stuka which pins the Soviet sniper and a T26 on the road.

Embolded by their Panzers success the German infantry in the centre break cover form the woods and advance.

The last German squad jogs down the road to reach the main battle line prior to a general advance.

Time runs out and we look at how many Battle Ratings we've gained. The Soviets have 16

The Germans 9. A German win it is! Good omens for the campaign weekend