Sunday 12 June 2016

Battle Group Wacht Am Rhein book

I really like this new supplement for the Battle Group rules by Iron Fist publishing. It's a much thinner book than their usual tomes and soft back rather than hard back. However it is still packed full of photos and info. The reason it's thinner is that most of the army lists are already available in the Overlord book and the additional lists required to recreate battles in this campaign are in this book, with suitable reference to required lists if you want to use these forces.

Unlike other wargames scenarios I've seen I like that this book focused on the most used units and included these in the scenarios. This is not a book full of King Tigers romping through the woods, although it won't stop you playing these type of games. I own more Tigers of various models than I should.

I'm a big fan of the rules and books and I wasn't disappointed with this format and I look forward to the promised additional books covering other famous battles like those in Hungary and a firm favourite Operation Market Garden.