Sunday 16 February 2014

L'Iber photos

That's it for tonight. I just dumped the Carlist War photos in to the wrong folder so I'll take a break and do some more tomorrow. I still have, well the Carlist War to post plus Napoleonics, including a Waterloo and Austerlitz diorama, in the Ancients section there was various dioramas including Gaugamela and Kadesh plus lots more.

L'Iber Toy Soldier Museum - Spanish soldiers 1808 - 1815

L'Iber Toy Soldier Museum - Spanish ceremonial dress 1815 - 1881

L'Iber Toy Soldier Museum - Spanish ceremonial troops 1881 - 1931


L'Iber Toy Soldier Museum - 25mm Almansa 1707 diorama

The diorama uses hundreds of Hinchcliffe and Minifig 25mm figures. Got to love it. I confess I was quite smug that they were British figures!

 From Wikipedia:

The Battle of Almansa, fought on 25 April 1707, was one of the most decisive engagements of the War of the Spanish Succession. At Almansa, the Franco–Spanish army under Berwick soundly defeated the allied forces of Portugal, England, and the United Provinces led by the Earl of Galway, reclaiming most of eastern Spain for the Bourbons.

It has been described as "probably the only Battle in history in which the English forces were commanded by a Frenchman, the French by an Englishman."  
The Bourbon army of about 25,000 was composed of Spanish and French troops in equal proportion, as well as an Irish regiment. Opposing them was a mainly Anglo-Portuguese force with strong Dutch, German, and French Huguenot elements.
The Battle began with an artillery exchange. When Galway committed his reserves to an attack on the Bourbon centre, Berwick unleashed a strong force of Franco-Spanish cavalry against the weakened Anglo-Portuguese lines, sweeping away the Portuguese cavalry. A general rout followed, only the Portuguese infantry held, attacked by the three sides, and tried to retire fighting. They surrendered by nightfall. Galway lost 5,000 men killed and 12,000 taken prisoner; of his army of 22,000 only 5,000 escaped to Tortosa.