Sunday, 16 February 2014

L'Iber, The Toy Soldier Museum - Medieval figures and dioramas

Photos that fit the Medieval period of the figures and dioramas in L'Iber

Joust 1490

Sample of Medieval figures from the warriors through the ages section

Muslim host

Armies of the Reconquista

Close up of some Muslim troops

Mongols amongst others


  1. I quite enjoyed these pictures as well as the previous post. I haven't been to either city and would love to visit these places while there - perhaps I could persuade my wife to visit them as well if I could find an art museum to take her two in return.
    My wife just looked over my shoulder and agreed that Max is a most attractive cat.

  2. Great pictures - there is something about little toy soldiers that always gives me a thrill.


  3. That is really a splendid collection, thank you for sharing.