Thursday 22 June 2017

Lead/Plastic Mountain count

The collection has finally moved in to it's new long term home, currently named the Barracks. Fancy storage units aren't in place yet but at least I can see what I've got.

The horde finished and unfinished ordered by army and period:

left to right on far wall 1879AD to 1800AD, with 1945 to 1880s hidden by the chair.

On the far wall left to right 1783AD to 1300BC,  and 1 column of Middle Earth, 1 of Scifi then 1 of fantasy/scifi to be completed. 

1879 to 1800

Right to left 1945 to 1953, X Wing, Armada, Full Thrust fleet, Pulp (1914 to post apocalyptic). Pulp is separated as they are my skirmish size collections rather than armies.
Now that I can easily get at the horde I decided to review the lead/plastic horde and see what I roughly have left to complete. I counted boxes and estimated the number of figures etc inside rather than count each individual figure - joyful as that may have been.

The results:

20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm infantry, cavalry and artillery - Approx. 5000 
1/72 and 1/48 aircraft - 10
1/72, 1/56 motorised vehicles - Approx. 50
1/100 ships - 2

Wow. I new I had a lot to do, but it's been 3 years since I packed some of this stuff up in the move so it's volume has been out of sight till now, and as a good wargamer I have added to the mountain since (and I'm pretty sure I will keep doing so).

Awaiting their room to be ready - the terrain boxes:

Next room to finish - not the home for the terrain but The Board Room - where I plan to build a 12x6 board made up of 6x4 sections.