Friday 17 June 2016

Currently enjoying ...

... reading Glory Hallelujah the new ACW Black Powder rules supplement from Warlord Games.  It's very well written with lots of excellent pictures of toys in action and posing. It has nice potted history and summary of weapons and tactics. I've yet to read the scenario section but the content so far has got me thinking of  dusting off the old 15mm collection.

The other things it has got me thinking is how the optional rules could be used or adapted for other nineteenth century wars namely the Crimean War, Franco Prussian War, and the Mexican adventure all of which I have figures for. The Crimean War armies are still being painted, it's only taken me about 6 years so far.

The supplement has ideas on forts - of definite use for the Crimea and for fighting around Paris in 1871. I liked the ideas on rifled muskets and artillery as well. I suspect I'll have more thoughts to follow.

The Zulu war was another thought that skipped through my head when I read the optional rule for dismounted cavalry, where they use a rule mechanism similar to horse artillery. I've always fancied a scenario where the irregular horse contact and then conduct a retreat holding up the advancing Zulu impi and this rule would work nicely with this.