Monday 28 November 2016

Conwy Wargames Club November Scramble game

Dave put on Battle of Britain game using the Scramble rules. As I was running the other game I didn't get much of a chance to pay attention to this game but I could hear people having fun with suitable Battle of Britian music being played from phones at various points.

Sorting out the paper work

Aircraft out for review

Nice models

Gotta love the RAF

Game in progress. Due to a quirk in set up the Luftwaffe bombers were flying so high the RAF couldn't reach them

I was surprised how much board was needed being used to X Wing but allowed for a lot of movement.
Dave did tell me the result but it's slipped my mind. I pretty sure history wasn't changed though! The  feedback was that the rules worked well and the scale used matched some of the other chaps collections so I expect more games in the future.