Thursday 1 January 2015

2014 Review in detail

Happy New Year.

2014 was quite a wargaming year. I didn't expect to get much hobby time in as we started the year trying to move and start a business. Both took a lot longer and took a different form than originally envisioned.

Places Visited - lots
We took an early holiday knowing the year was going to be busy and I found the L'Iber Toy Soldier Museum in Valencia. Marvelous place. My favorite display being:
Carlist War displays

Games played - 10
My usual monthly game fixture, which with the normal rhythm of life was never added up to 12 games, was suspended. Sad but necessary but with the delays in the move etc we did get some games in.

We managed 5 games:

15mm Gruntz's game at the Hammerhead Show. First try at these rules and enjoyed them. Good preparation needed. I now have added a few GZG figures to my growing very small 15mm collection.
More pictures on the Hammerhead show link lower down in this post.

X Wing  - always great fun.
2 x Dead Mans Hand games - first play of these. I liked it so much I had Santa being me a copy. I still like Legends of the Old West for story telling but Dead Mans Hand is quick to set up and play.
15mm Bolt Action game - another first try out of rules. Need to play more to see if I like them. Easy to pick up though.

In light of me moving away we arranged to meet up at the Battle Group Ponyri Campaign. This was a first for Battle Group and a first for me attending an organised event where I played strangers with my own armies. What a blast and I hope to go to the 2015 event.

I played 3 games and lost them all and loved it:
Battle Group Ponyri Campaign Day 1
Battle Group Ponyri Campaign Day 2

Once moved I caught up with some old gaming chums who now run the Conwy Wargames Club and got a game in and was invited to play at the informal off shoot Muffin Club:
Dux Bellorum game at Conwy Wargames Club
Hail Caesar Rome vs Celts at the Muffin Club

Finished models
100% finished:
4 x 20mm Panzer IVH
1 x 20mm German Radio truck
1 x 20mm 251/16 half track
1 x 20mm HE129 plane
4 x 20mm German mine sweepers
1 x 20mm 2 man German sniper team

Finished but need basing
2 x 24 man 25mm Crimean War British Guards battalion

Shows visited - 6

Hammerhead Show
Cannon Show
Sheffield Triples
Other Partizan
Derby World Wargames show

Blog posts - 98

Kickstarters backed - 1 Battle Systems scifi scenery

The Move
The great pack up

The future