Tuesday 20 May 2014

Hail Caesar Germania book

I picked this book up at Triples to my great surprise has I hadn't realised it was out yet. As an added bonus I received the free figure as well.

The book is more similar to the Dacian supplement than Britannia. In that Britannia had a campaign and army lists for each of the British tribes and details of the terrain to be fought over dependent on location and this doesn't. Nevertheless it gives a good potted history. I am no expert but I enjoyed the read. It does come from the viewpoint that Varus was incompetent, which I've read elsewhere was not a clear cut case. It does cover the main German tribes and mentions their main troop types and terrain for their lands but in descriptions rather than lists.

The scenarios are interesting and I think give a good flavour of the period. I also liked that after the write ups of games played it gave suggestions how the scenarios could be tweaked to be improved or provide a different challenge. I didn't check if the army lists in the scenarios were any different to the army options in the army list books. I suspect not.

I loved it, lots of pretty pictures and I now want a German army with divisions of different tribes with distinctive hair. I currently use my Celts!

To be balanced I also want to update my Romans to the quality in the book rather than my mix of Minifigs, Essex and who knows what.