Friday 5 September 2014

The Wargames Eyrie planning

I've decided to write up my approach and eventual creation of my new wargames room(s). I am interested in seeing how what I set out to do compares with what I end up with. Megalomania versus reality.

My key objective is to not lose out on what I have already have which is my dream wargame space in the garage. A space which can host different size tables and lots of storage. This was achieved by using kitchen units around 2 walls and creating a 6ft by 4ft table in the middle with more kitchen cabinets. The layout supported a maximum size board of 12ft by 6ft which could be made in to a C shape with 2 additional 6ft by 4ft boards. I never used the C shape, which would have required moving storage boxes and crawling under tables to access. The layout also had 2 stations one for painting and one for making things. I never used these and took over the kitchen table in the house so I could be social, and watch the TV (this invasion was tolerated but not popular if I left everything out - apparently it stopped anyone else using the table to do things like eat). Of course, if I left things out I could do a bit of painting in between cooking. I did learn my lesson about cooking and trying to dip figures in Army Painter, followed swiftly by how and when to use glue accelerator correctly.

I started off placing my existing wargames boards and storage on to the plan created using Architect 3D Gold software and see what could fit where. This gave me an idea what free space I had. 

Next I went through the requirements I wanted, focusing how I wanted to use the rooms. I'm the kind of gamer that likes maximum storage and the largest board I can fit.  In my next post I'll lay out what my requirements are and how they fit into the rooms I have. I'll also include impacts from other important decision makers in the house.... (ominous drum roll)