Thursday 7 August 2014

Battlesystems Scifi goodies

My Battlesystem Stronghold and extras arrived at the specified time stated in my email which is always great. The  main box was damaged but the contents all seem fine. Although I can't make everything up yet because we're still in the house move process I checked off the contents and had a good look. I must say they the quality of production is excellent. I popped out a chair and a console and they fixed together easily and came a part easy enough for my to slot them back in to their sheets which is handy for the move.

I'm looking forward to a time when I can assemble it all and get gaming. I plan to use this with 7TV, Blakes 7, 7ombieTV rules, so basically spyfi, horror, and scifi. There is a high likelihood that my resin star gate my make an appearance.

I even have a medical bay. Nothing ever good comes out of the medical bay.....

External damage

Internal goodness

The loot

Goodies and chair sat on the stronghold box (not to be confused with the chair in the background)


The back of the Stronghold Kickstarter box and my extras list

The Stronghold sheets