Sunday 7 October 2012

2006-12-26 Rapid Fire - Korean War Day 2

The game was not concluded on the first day so we continued on Boxing day.
The Communist have reached the summit and ferocious melee ensues. The US Sabre has been successfully called in. Ignoring the Mig it lents its support to the hill, taking out Chinese artillery. It was aiming for the infantry.

Communist reinforcements move to block to UN relief force.

The Centurions have lost one of their number and Belgian supporting infantry have taken a beating.

A patrol goes out from the Communist defence line as the MIG strafes the  UN relief force

Another view of the MIG strafing 

The outpost has fallen and the end of the game. The UN were too slow and the Chinese too strong, not to mention the right dice when it was needed.

2006-12-24 Rapid Fire Korean War

UN British outpost under attack by Chinese hordes

3 battalions of Communists advance. Figures a mix of Reiver castings and  Liberation Miniatures

8 Hussars and Belgians to the rescue. Airfix Centurions and SHQ Belgians.

Communist defence line

Communists lay down smoke ready for the assault

Russian flown Mig adds support

The UN relief force nearing the hill top outpost. Will they be in time?

A battalion of RUR hurry to re-leave the hill.

2006-11-18 1st Warhammer Ancient Battle game - Vikings vs Saxons

This was my first Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) game. Previously I'd only played ancients, dark ages and medieval with my old club back in North Wales using the Tactica rules. I enjoyed Tactica because it gave a historical result in an evening. I also enjoyed the supplemental army lists that allowed me to filed different armies and vary the games up. The variety also led me in to researching armies and history I wasn't familiar with which for me is a big part of the hobby.

WAB seemed to provide the same, with the added advantage of being more story driven which I think is a plus.

My friend and I decided to keep things simple and chose to game Vikings vs Saxons. 

Initial set up

Vikings ready

Saxons ready

Vikings close up

Essex Miniatures Vikings

The final moments