Sunday, 7 October 2012

2006-12-26 Rapid Fire - Korean War Day 2

The game was not concluded on the first day so we continued on Boxing day.
The Communist have reached the summit and ferocious melee ensues. The US Sabre has been successfully called in. Ignoring the Mig it lents its support to the hill, taking out Chinese artillery. It was aiming for the infantry.

Communist reinforcements move to block to UN relief force.

The Centurions have lost one of their number and Belgian supporting infantry have taken a beating.

A patrol goes out from the Communist defence line as the MIG strafes the  UN relief force

Another view of the MIG strafing 

The outpost has fallen and the end of the game. The UN were too slow and the Chinese too strong, not to mention the right dice when it was needed.

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