Sunday 22 October 2017

Conwy Wargames Club September 15mm DBMM game

Our other club game in September was put on by Ian S and involved a clash between Romans and Carthagians using the DBMM rules.

Pete and Gaz commanded the Carthaginians while Chris commanded the Romans.

The Carthaginians

Close of the Numbian cavalry

Elephants lead the way to hold the bridge

The Carthaginian commander

The might of Rome

The Roman commander positions himself on a hill to see his forthcoming victory (he hopes)

Ready for the off

Romans making good use of the road

Harsh language over the river, which is fordable

A clash of titans

The Romans struggle to cross the river

The elephant holds the bridge to the end (I suggested dicing for the bridge breaking under the weight of the elephant but this was ignored!). Rome fails to capture the crossing, and Carthage wins.
I didn't play this but the chaps enjoyed this more than DBM. Gaz who had played Hail Caesar actually preferred DBMM.