Monday 27 February 2017

Pre-game prep with Battle Systems Urban terrian

First time I've put together my terrain from Battle Systems. It went together easily. It took me a couple of go's to get the fixings for the roofs to work successfully but got there in the end. The overall effect was great.

I wanted a high street with a bank for my 7TV game I was running using the Crime and Beat casts.

So ladies and gentlemen I present to you the set of 'The Trumpton Job'

Inside the bank - work still needed

Can't be a proper British production without wobbly walls (user error not manufacturers)

Bank floor

Electrical shop next door used to 'mouse hole' in to the bank

Big TVs are all the rage

The potential bus getaway vehicle parked out side the electrical shop. UFO in sky not part of sceanario

From the roof of the electrical shop looking across town

Snooker hall with lights off

Snooker hall with security light on

The copper hiding behind shipping container

View from the roof of the snooker hall

The chemist viewed from the bank

The high street viewed from the bank

Inside the bank

Inside the electrical shop

Trumpton high street

Inside the chemist

Empty shop

The diner