Thursday 21 March 2013

Hail Caesar Dacian Sumplement

My copy arrived yesterday after I  missed the delivery man on Monday, and having read it I'm very pleased with my purchase. I don't own a Dacian army, that's one on the list of 'need' but I do have Celt one that can stand in and a plenty of Sarmation like cavalry. As with all Warlord publications it's really nicely set out with lots of eye candy, although personally I would have preferred more pictures of large games. In my opinion a good potted history of the period is included and some good scenarios and campaign idea. The highlight for me is the added bonus of simple skirmish rules and siege or rather storming rules. I also liked the suggested rule amendment allowing Roman archers to fire over infantry if they are in a support position so long the infantry are not in combat.

Unlike my potential Dacian stand in's my Romans are an eclectic mix of old figures and I now have a desire to upgrade. I think I have the start in my plastic mountain.

As for the storming rules, I feel the need to dust of my Grand Manner Troy. Now I do have the figures for that.

Great supplement, because if it's got me dreaming of what I can do then it for me it's money well spent mwhahaha!