Wednesday 17 February 2016

1870 The capture of Rome

Porta Pia

Men involved in the attack on the Porta Pia

Attack on the Porta Pia

Monday 15 February 2016

1862 Garibaldi's expedition to Rome picture

Pictures taken in the Victor Emmanuel monument in 2008.
In 1862 Garibaldi marched on Rome and was stopped by the Piedmontese army to avoid a clash with France who supported the Pope's temporal rule of Rome. The picture is of Garibaldi being treated for a gunshot wound to the foot. 
Wikipedia describes the incident:
General Enrico Cialdini dispatched a division of the regular army, under Colonel Emilio Pallavicini, against the volunteer bands. On 28 August the two forces met in the rugged Aspromonte. One of the regulars fired a chance shot, and several volleys followed, killing a few of the volunteers. The fighting ended quickly, as Garibaldi forbade his men to return fire on fellow subjects of the Kingdom of Italy. Many of the volunteers were taken prisoner, including Garibaldi, who had been wounded by a shot in the foot.
This episode gave birth to a famous Italian nursery rhyme, still known by boys and girls all over the country: Garibaldi fu ferito ("Garibaldi was wounded").

Thursday 11 February 2016

Wednesday 10 February 2016

1860 Garbaldini in Sicily

From the Victor Emmanuel monument in Rome in 2008.

Sorry not the best photo.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

1859 Risorgimento items

Some more items from the Victor Emmanuel monument in Rome. This time all covering the 1859 period  or 2nd War of Independence.

The terracotta figure represents a Piedmontese Grenadier at the battle of San Fermo. Thanks to Anonymous for correcting my badly translated Italian. 

Garibaldini fighting in northern Italy

Garibaldini fighting in northern Italy

A Garibaldini shirt

Garibaldi's saddle

A Garibaldi volunteer

Garibaldini fighting in northern Italy

Garibaldini fighting in northern Italy

1848 Risorgimento items Victor Emmanuel Monument 2008

Here the items I saw in the Victor Emmanuel monument that I think pertain to 1848. Not all the captions were clear in my photos and I don't promise that my translation from Italian is accurate.

Roman Civic guard helmets

Rome Civic Guard helmets
Rome Civic Guard helmets

Rome Civic Guard 

Roman artillery man

The Pope blesses the Papal Expeditionary force 1848