Wednesday 23 September 2015

DWMG cards

Graeme Dawson on the Doctor Who Miniatures Game - DWMG Facebook page is offering to do a print run of cards to use with the free to download DWMG rules, if their are enough takers. The rules are basically 7TV for Dr Who and work really well to create the right atmosphere. I found that cards would be useful when playing with my nephews and definitely useful when I introduce the game to the club. I have therefore failed to resist and stumped up the cash. Hopefully there will be a enough buyers to justify a print run.

This week I'm...

Re-reading the Hail Caesar rules for the game on Sunday with the Conwy Wargames Club . I do love these rules, lots of flavour and fun to play. As yet I don't know the armies we're using a part from they'll be 15mm armies.

As a club there is a rumbling idea too play the battles from the 1066 campaign using our 25mm and 28mm collections. Rumbling means the idea has been aired, people have agreed it's a great idea, collections that can be used identified and rules discussed. An interesting idea aired was to try different rules for the same game. Surprisingly I've never done that before with the same scenario.

Monday 21 September 2015

Battle System Urban Apocalypse terrain kick starter

Battle Systems have another great Kickstarter running for their urban apocalypse terrain. I loved their first Kickstarter and I am a proud owner of their Scifi terrain - and one day when the house is not a building site I'll dust it off and actually play with it.

Regardless of having not used my first purchase, when they announced their third Kickstarter I new I was doomed to invest again. I skipped the dungeon terrain, which if I'd had the money I would have invested in.

You can see what they are offering at:

I went for the £152 pledge to get 4x2 board (2 sets). Like the Scifi terrain I want to use it for my Dr Who Miniatures game, 7ombieTV and 7TV games. The Police station has just been unlocked as a freebie which is great since I have a lot of law enforcement. I'm wondering whether I can use my Ghostbuster team with it, when I get round to buying some ghosts.  Another idea inspired by the figures currently coming out that are like Cylon centurions is urban fighting on Caprica.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

The Soviet vehicle horde

After a trip to the Works selling tanks for £2 a go the Soviet WW2 collection has grown. So I thought I'd take some photos so if this opportunity arises again I can check to see what I've got!

Segesta, Greek Temple, Sicily 2005

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Grandads' WW2 North Africa campaign photos

My grandfather served in North Africa and Palestine with the REME and took many photos. Here are a few. I can't share all of them as they were taken on the battle field and you can imagine some censorship was required. Many others are like holiday snaps as he toured when on leave.